A Sr.ª Guadalupe Acedo

Ou a empregada de limpeza da Casa de Bordéus projectada por Rem Koolhaas. E agora criatura principal do documentário Koolhaas Houselife, filmado segundo o ponto de vista da deliciosa senhora. Lidar com as infiltrações e as inundações e dar uso a muitos panos e baldes é com ela, sobretudo por causa dos espaços a céu aberto no último andar, concebidos pelo arquitecto. «If I had lots of money, I would not buy a house like this one», diz ela.

«In 1998 the owner of the Maison à Bordeaux, who is wheelchair-bound as the result of an accident, commissioned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas to build him a dwelling of a very special kind – one that would be suited to the requirements of its disabled owner and yet at the same time represent the aesthetic standards of contemporary architecture. The result was a series of architectural and technical curiosities such as, for example, the elevating platform via which each of the three floors can be accessed, or the 'joystick', an illuminated, slightly phallic plastic lever which serves as a door opener but unfortunately gave up the ghost at the time the film was made. This time we are not dealing with the stylised, tidy photos which are intended to introduce the observer in a refined aesthetic manner to apparently unoccupied houses. Instead it is the charming Guadalupe who squeezes through the narrow stairways with her vacuum cleaner and through whose eyes we get to know this architectural icon with all its fascinations and peculiarities.» (Retirado daqui.)